Delicious Martha's Vineyard Food and Best Restaurants To Try When You Visit

Delicious Martha's Vineyard Food and Best Restaurants To Try When You Visit

Did you know that the population of Martha's Vineyard increases by 750 percent during the summer? This tiny island that is home to around 17,000 people all year long explodes with activity during the summer.

Around 150,000 summer residents, vacationers, and day-trippers will visit the island during the summer. If you're planning a trip to Martha's Vineyard this summer, have you started planning what you will eat while here?

If you want to experience Martha's Vineyard food the right way, keep reading to find out about what you should try and where when you visit.

Martha's Vineyard Food

When you visit Martha's Vineyard, there will be many restaurants to check out. However, while you're here, there are some foods that you need to be sure to try as well.

Martha's Vineyard Lobster Rolls

Lobster rolls are native to New England, and if you've never had one, it's time to give it a try. With this dish, you'll find lobster meat inside a hot dog-style bun that is grilled.

For the filling, butter, lemon juice, black pepper, and salt. Although, some places will use mayonnaise instead of butter.

You'll find lobster rolls at many restaurants in Martha's Vineyard. However, MacPhail's Corner Cafe is well known for its lobster roll.

Murdick's Fudge

While you're on the island, grab some fudge, but not just any fudge, Murdick's Fudge. This fudge has been around for 133 years and is a delight.

In addition, if you can't decide on what flavor to get, you can get a free sample.

Martha's Vineyard Clam Chowder

You can't visit Martha's Vineyard without grabbing a bowl of clam chowder. However, don't leave it up to chance when you decide which Martha's Vineyard restaurants to get your clam chowder from.

One of the best places to get it is Martha's Vineyard Chowder Company. Their clam chowder is **gluten-free. **They don't use in flour to thicken the soup broth.

Because of that, the broth is creamy but thinner, and the soup is full of clam and potato chunks.

Fried Clams

Continuing on the seafood side of things, grab some fried clams while in Martha's Vineyard. You can eat your fried clams as a snack or a meal.

They are offered at multiple Martha's Vineyard seafood restaurants.

Scooby Snack

If you're looking for something traditional with a twist for breakfast, try a Scooby Snack at the Black Dog Tavern. When you order this, you'll get two poached eggs with tomato, ham, and cheddar cheese on a toasted English muffin.

Fish and Chips

You can't visit Martha's Vineyard without grabbing some fish and chips. If you're looking for the best fish and chips, make sure you visit The Net Result.

Located in Edgartown, this Martha's Vineyard seafood restaurant is well known for its fish and chips.

Best Restaurant's Martha's Vineyard

We've discussed some of the best food on Martha's Vineyard; however, what about restaurants. If you would rather explore the menu yourself, this section is for you.

Lookout Tavern

If you're looking for a bar or pub experience, try Lookout Tavern. This restaurant has something for everyone with everything from sushi to burgers on the menu.

You can also grab some shareable plates or quick bites off the menu. In addition, if you're looking for drinks made locally, this is where you want to be.

Lookout Tavern has been voted Best of the Vineyard for the past 11 years. You'll find this restaurant in the Oak Bluffs.

ArtCliff Diner

ArtCliff Diner is located in Vineyard Haven. This restaurant has a diner feel and is well known for its breakfast.

If you're looking for a great brunch or breakfast, this is where you want to go. You can find options that range from chicken and waffles to banana pancakes, huevos rancheros, and more.


Are burgers more your speed? Head on over to Edgartown and visit Atria.

They're well known for their burgers. In fact, you might want to try The Frenchy.

This burger gets topped with prosciutto, St. Andre cheese, onions, and arugula. There are many creative burgers at this restaurant, and make sure you upgrade to the truffle fries to truly experience Atria.

Bill Smith's Martha's Vineyard Clambake Company

Okay, so this isn't a restaurant, but this Chilmark caterer is worth calling for your next Martha's Vineyard event, planning to have friends or family join you for a get-together?

This company has do-it-yourself to-go options for groups as small as six. You can't truly experience Martha's Vineyard without a clambake.

Giordano's Restaurant

For family dining, be sure to head to Giordano's Restaurant in the Oak Bluffs. This Italian restaurant features family dining, pizza, and a clam bar.

They even have a window outside where you can order pizza by the slice.


Nomans is located in Oak Bluffs and a great place to head if you're looking for a stellar outdoor dining experience. Nomans brings the picnic to you with their menu and their outdoor seating area that is complete with lawn games.

It's a great place to take your kids or meet up with friends and eat and play. Nomans is also an excellent choice for anyone who might be looking for a gluten-free meal.

Vegan and Vegetarian Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

If you're looking for vegan and vegetarian options in Martha's Vineyard, look no further. There are plenty of options for you too.

Pawnee House

Pawnee house in Oak Bluff is a great choice for those who are vegan or vegetarian. While their menu is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian, it does have a lot of options.

Vegan and vegetarian options are clearly labeled on the menu to take the guesswork out of your decision.

MV Salads

Martha's Vineyard Salads has several vegan and vegetarian options. While their menu is not exclusively vegan or vegetarian, you'll find that most of it is.

Dos Mas

Craving tacos? You can get an eggplant, mushroom, or cauliflower taco at Dos Mas.

You can even have your taco converted into a rice bowl for a couple of extra dollars. Dos Mas also offers vegan nachos that get made with cashew cheese.

Lucky Hank's 

Looking for a great veggie burger? Visit Lucky Hank's and give their housemade veggie burger a try during lunch.

This burger gets made from onion, sweet potato, mushroom, carrot, almonds, quinoa, and black beans. It gets topped with tomato, avocado puree, pickled onion, and petit farm greens. You're in for a treat when you try this veggie burger.

Bangkok Cuisine

This restaurant is an excellent choice if you're craving Thai food. If you tell them your diet is plant-based, they will help point you in the right direction as you choose your meal.

Gluten-Free in Martha's Vineyard

Are you looking for gluten-free options for when you visit Martha's Vineyard? Finding good gluten-free food can be difficult when you visit new places; however, there are several options available to you in Martha's Vineyard.

The Covington

Head on over to Edgartown and visit The Covington. This restaurant is also great for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Their menu lists out ingredients and notes whether the food is gluten-free or contains other allergens. This takes out the guesswork of wondering if food is safe for your diet and allows you to order with ease.

They also have a gluten-free chocolate cake that you can choose to complete your meal for the evening.


l'etoile is in Edgartown and a great choice if you're looking for something a little more upscale. This French-inspired menu will leave your mouth watering, and the experience is one of a kind.

You can make reservations; however, children under six cannot be accommodated. The menu notes all gluten-free options with a "gf" off to the side.

Dilly's Taqueria

Craving some Mexican food? Head over to Dilly's Taquieria in Oak Bluffs.

This restaurant offers rice bowls or corn tortilla tacos. You can choose eggs, roasted veggies, pulled pork, blackened mahi-mahi, pollo asada, or carne asada to fill your taco along with other toppings.

Pie Chicks

Pie Chicks is excellent for everyone. It has a variety of sweet and savory pies that are to die for.

However, they also recognize that anyone who is gluten-free can feel left out. Because of that, they also offer a gluten-free pie crust.

The description next to their gluten-free crust boasts that if you can tell it's gluten-free, they won't sell it.

Head over to Vineyard Haven to visit Pie Chicks.

Experience the Best of Martha's Vineyard

Are you ready to experience the best Martha's Vineyard food? From seafood restaurants to more, there are plenty of options available.

If you genuinely want to experience Martha's Vineyard's best, before you head here, make sure you book your stay with us. Contact us today to ask about our availability.



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